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Temperature Sensors

Replace Temperature Sensors for Supermarket Refrigeration Cases with the Temp2000.

The Temp2000 works on many of today's control systems such as:
CPC, Encore, Trane, and Micro Thermo

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  • Direct Replacement
  • CRMA-Green 20ft.LeadsGlass Encapsulated 10K OHM thermistor
  • Over 25,000 Sold
  • Price ~ only $14.00 a sensor

Resistance: 10,000 ohms @ 77oF Tolerance: +1% (+41oF) @ 77oF Based on maximum deviation due to curve variance, nominal tolerances at other temperature points will be:

  • +0.85oF @ 30oF
  • +0.69oF @ 97oF
  • +2.48oF @ 212oF
Housing: .250” OD x 1.750” long, flat closed end, nickel plated brass tube, epoxy potting

Leads: AWG 22 7/30 stranded copper, 105oC CRMA green parallel bonded PVC zip cord, 20’ long

Termination: Stripped .250” nominal

Maximum operating temperature: 212oF
(Higher temperature ranges available)

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